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Mobile Tidying Robot

Fully automated environment tidying robot which uses image processing to determine which objects are out of place and self-maneuvers them accordingly.
Keywords: Robotics, Image processing, Automation, Lua

Input/Output system

Input-output data system which can be used to manage records within the given system through the following actions: view a record, create a record, delete a record, amend record information, and filter through a query.
Keywords: Data management, Big data, searching/sorting, C++

AI Prediction Model

AI prediction model which attempts to anticipate unknown data points via trained machine learning algorithms. This is planned to be an extension of the input-output system listed above. The user will be given an option between 3 different prediction models.

Hardware projects

Various hardware projects including raspberry pi sensor control systems, rewiring laptop camera modules for plug and play, and modifying a smartphone camera to utilize night vision.

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