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Welcome to my Portfolio

A computer science graduate, Critical thinker, and Aspiring Software engineer.

Ambitious Task Taker

I love to be challenged by projects but am never doubtful of my ability to complete them to a high standard.

Natural Problem solver

I am fast to think of multiple strategies to overcome potential obstacles making sure there is always a contingency plan in place.

Fast work turnaround

Ability to reach deadlines quickly within short time windows when required.

Mobile Tidying Robot

Fully automated environment tidying robot which uses image processing to determine which objects are out of place and self-maneuvers them accordingly.
Keywords: Robotics, Image processing, Automation, Lua

Input/Output system

Input-output data system which can be used to manage records within the given system through the following actions: view a record, create a record, delete a record, amend record information, and filter through a query.
Keywords: Data management, Big data, searching/sorting, C++

AI Prediction Model

AI prediction model which attempts to anticipate unknown data points via trained machine learning algorithms. This is planned to be an extension of the input-output system listed above. The user will be given an option between 3 different prediction models.

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